The Sutherland Self Help Trust was conceived in 1941 by Arthur Sutherland, son of Ben Sutherland. The Sutherlands owned and managed New Zealand’s first major chain of grocery stores – the Self Help Co-op – and it was their wish to create a trust fund to further community welfare in New Zealand.

The Sutherland family donated property to form the capital for the Trust. After a period of 20 years the income generated by this capital was distributed to causes judged worthy by a Board of Trustees.

Patricia-McGavin-cutting-ribbon-with-John-Sutherland,-Jackie-Johnson-supporting,-Copeland-St-29Jan2013-030The board of trustees is made up of two Sutherland Family appointments, and one appointment each from the Law Society, Medical Council and The Institute of Chartered Accountants.

The first distribution was made in 1962. In that year $41,360 was distributed to 17 organisations. Since then over $25 million has been distributed with a present day value of over $70 million.

Today, the Sutherland Self Help Trust provides grants to community organisations throughout New Zealand. Its current policy specifies the areas of interest for each year.

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2017 Grant Policy

The Trustees will announce the 2017 policy in December 2016.

2016 Grant Policy

The Trustees of the Sutherland Self Help Trust Board advise that 2016 grant funding will be made to community organisations that improve the life prospects of disadvantaged youth in New Zealand.

“Disadvantaged youth” is a term which embraces all young people (aged 13 to 18) with fewer opportunities than their peers, resulting in a greater risk of lower earnings, needing social assistance, criminal offending, substance abuse, teenage births, suicide, homelessness, and mental or physical ill-health.

The organisations should be focused on enhancing later life outcomes, especially through improving educational opportunity and transition to employment.

To apply, organisations should email us with their organisation’s contact information and a single-page summary of their organisation and specific project, by 29th January 2016.

Organisations shortlisted by the Trustees in late February 2016 will be invited to provide further detail on an official form.

Please note that projects eligible for consideration include buildings, equipment & training but do not include motor vehicles, administration costs or food. Grants will be made only to charitable organisations (not individuals) and are for use only in New Zealand. Please see grant policy for more details on what is funded.

Please send in your project summary by 29th January 2016 by email to:

The Secretary, Sutherland Self Help Trust



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