The policy set out in the Trust deed is to make grants to charitable organisations which assist the disabled (both physically and mentally) and the disadvantaged. The purposes for which the Board of Trustees may make financial grants are very wide and may be summarised as follows;

“for the benefit of people whose lives have been detrimentally affected by war services, children in need of special treatment or training, the Plunket Society and any other educational, religious or other charitable purpose in New Zealand selected by the board: also to establish or maintain hospitals, homes, camps, schools, institutions or organisations, or to subsidise funds donated for such purpose”

The Trust cannot give to individuals, or for environmental, artistic, cultural or sporting purposes, nor does it make grants to schools for curriculum or operating expenses.

The Trust does not make grants for operating expenses, salaries, administrative expenses, research, education, vehicle operation or administrations costs nor to supplement existing Trust funds.

The Trust does make grants for specific projects within New Zealand.

Projects eligible for consideration cover a wide range from buildings and equipment to training programs. As a guide the object or service purchased with the grant should last more than two years.

Applicants acknowledge that the information supplied in applications may be made available to other parties in the course of enquiries regarding applications or in publishing the results of grants approved. Information collected will be held by the Sutherland Self Help Trust for the purposes of assessing applications and may be used to further the objectives of the Sutherland Self Help Trust.

As the purposes for which grants may be made are very wide each year the Board targets a particular area of need. Policy is announced in October for the following year.

An organisation that fits the policy should write to the Trust Secretary as instructed by the policy.

The closing date for applications is as set out in the year’s policy.

The Trustees are unable to discuss the reasons why an applicant is successful or not.