Investing in communities since 1941

Every year, The Sutherland Self Help Trust provides grants to community organisations throughout New Zealand. 

Hear how Anxiety New Zealand used the grant to develop its Navigators Resilience Program in 2021.

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The Sutherland Self Help Trust provides grants to community organisations throughout New Zealand.

Founded in 1941, the Sutherland Self Help Trust was established by the Sutherland Family, who pioneered New Zealand’s first chain of grocery stores, The Self Help Co-op. The pioneering spirit of The Sutherland Family saw them reject traditional trading methods and opt instead for a business model that would support the community.

This included setting up The Sutherland Self Help Trust to assist registered charities in New Zealand through Grants in order to deliver services to support the community.

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Case Studies

Life Education Trust

Anxiety is the single biggest issue facing children today.

Life Education Trust used the Sutherland Self Help Trust grant in 2021 to provide professional development workshops for teachers focused on how to identify anxiety issues, where support lies and how to support and guide whanau.

Wings Trust

Providing accommodation and rehabilitation for people wishing to be abstinent from substances is a challenge for Wings Trust in current times.

Promoting staff well-being is critical to their initiative. Wings Trust were able to use funding from the Sutherland Self Help Trust to provide workshops for its staff to increase their resilience.

Zeal Education Trust

Zeal provides safe, inclusive local and online spaces to support rangatahi to connect to their mana, innate self-worth and sense of belonging.

Their multi-channel online support assists rangatahi aged 15-20 years with a range of issues. Zeal used funding from the Sutherland Self Help Trust to enhance this crucial messaging and support service.


2022 Funding Initiative

How to Apply

Applications for our 2022 Funding Initiative have now closed.

Funding Context

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term that includes both life-long conditions and those that can develop throughout life. Neurodiversity is still frequently misunderstood and, when it remains undiagnosed, can cause distress in family, school, work and social situations.

When a child has an official diagnosis, support may be tailored to meet their individual learning support needs based on the diagnosis’. Scientists have come to understand that neurodivergence can have many benefits.

Neurodiversity is not the characteristics of neurological conditions but societies themselves that create barriers to the participation, achievement, and success of neurodiverse individuals. The more we accept and understand that it's quite common for brains to work differently, the more quickly we can go about accommodating people in ways that work best for them to learn, function, and thrive in society.

It was decided that the 2022 grant criteria would be to organisations that assist children with neurodiversity, help with assessment and learning support.

Earl Family - SSHT 2018
Nicola Earl and her children Sadie (on the left) and Benji from New Plymouth, are clients of the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP).

The Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP) was granted a generous $50,000.00 from the Sutherland Self Help Trust toward the purchase of a clinical video system. This means our clinicians now have access to equipment for teaching, to record clinic sessions that patients (and their families) can use at home. Because of SSHT our patients rehabilitation will be made that much more accessible for themselves and their families/whanau. The SSHT was approachable and great to deal with from day one. Cochlear Implant technology is complex, so having the opportunity to discuss our needs face to face with Ben from SSHT was invaluable.

Belinda Van der Monde

Fundraising Manager, Southern Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP)