Anxiety New Zealand Trust

Anxiety New Zealand Trust provides education, support and treatment for New Zealanders and their families to support their mental health and wellbeing. 

The Sutherland Self Help Trust was pleased to provide a grant to Anxiety NZ to develop its Navigators Resilience Program aimed at increasing resilience in children aged 5 – 14 years.  

Anxiety NZ successfully implemented the program in Term 3 across age-appropriate classes.  The program is taught via the participants completing modules on an online teaching platform and attending in-person group sessions. Caregivers can participate in the group sessions, empowering them to help their child learn, use and maintain the skills learned. 

The online teaching platform also allows for seamless communication between participant, caregiver and the program facilitator, as well as enabling follow up continued education for six months via automated educational emails and notifications to the caregiver.  This helps embed new skills making them a part of everyday life.  Data analytics imbedded in the platform’s design allow for outcome analysis and continuous improvement cycles.

The Program’s content draws on cognitive behavioural theory, acceptance commitment theory and Te Whare Tapa Whā framework.  Learnings have a strong evidence-base around reducing anxiety and increasing wellbeing.

Caregiver feedback includes: 
“For me the most valuable thing has been my child understanding that they are not the only person feeling this way, that there are other kids in the same boat – boys, girls, older, younger. My child literally said to me before the first day “I am the only kid who feels like this, no one else gets worried like me”, no matter what we said it didn’t sink in. And after the first session, actually seeing that other kids feel this way too was a big shift.

There are lots of small things which my child brings up which have come from the course, and I have mentioned them too, so little bits are DEFINITELY sinking in and making a difference. So for us, it’s been really good and we’ve appreciated all the effort and time that the presenters obviously invest in preparing for the sessions.

Thank you again – there has never been a more important time to ensure children and families have access to programmes such as this. Covid and the recent restrictions have been a very difficult time, particularly for children. The uncertainty and lack of connections with school, teachers and friends have left them vulnerable.”  – Anxiety New Zealand

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