Auckland City Mission

Auckland City Mission works collaboratively with a number of researchers delving into issues affecting the homeless and people living in poverty. Their 2020 research about food security (having access to enough good food) titled “Listening to the hopes and dreams of our people” highlighted the following experiences and aspirations of almost 650 people.

REALITIES: The Mission found that 77% of respondents said food insecurity was due to the cost of living exceeding income. That tells us that for a lot of people, there’s just not enough money for food.

GOALS AND DREAMS: The Mission found a diversity of aspirations of people experiencing food insecurity. A desire for more suitable employment was the most recurring theme in the data. 

SIGNIFICANT FINDING: Personal and whanau wellbeing is a priority for people experiencing food insecurity. 20% of responses detailed basic needs (food, housing, adequate health care) as an aspiration.

The Mission believe food insecurity is an unacceptable and avoidable obstacle to people in our communities achieving their aspirations. They believe having access to basic needs for survival should be a reality for everyone.

The Auckland City Mission served 13,034 sit down meals between 1 August and 10 October 2022. This is the number of people directly impacted by Sutherland Trust’s contribution.

The Auckland City Mission regularly help people like Prashaan and Sela, Aucklanders who are working hard but can’t always make ends meet for their families.
Prashaan moved to Aotearoa 12 years ago with his parents, wife, and three kids. Together they rent in the outer Eastern suburbs. Back home he was a vet nurse, but his training isn’t recognised in Aotearoa so he works at his local supermarket. Prashaan takes a lot of pride in his work, but he earns a minimum wage and his rent is so high that they can’t always make ends meet. It’s hard, but he keeps his family safe and well fed no matter what. Prashaan is working toward his veterinarian qualification in Aotearoa and one day hopes to open his own vet clinic.
Sela loves living in Auckland with her partner and seven kids. She volunteers at the local op-shop on days when she’s not taking kids to school and sports and everything else. Her pride in them is limitless. Sela’s partner works for the council. Sometimes their pay cuts into her benefit, and they are left with less money than if they hadn’t worked at all. When this happens, there’s no money for bills let alone food. But Sela’s main focus is her kids. She wants them to achieve all their goals, so she gets food assistance to keep the ball rolling.
* These stories are fictional but informed by the findings of Auckland City Mission and reflecting the pertinent themes of our research.

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