Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation

Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation (HELP Auckland) supports survivors of sexual abuse and works to prevent abuse.   Its in-house therapy team and affiliates support over 350 clients annually.  Its Crisis Service helps just as many survivors in the community who are unable to or not accessing therapy. Clients range in age from as young as 5 to over 65 years old.  

Funds from the Sutherland Self Help Trust was used for HELP’s building refurbishment and library project.  

As well as getting a much needed refurbishment, the project has contributed to making HELP’s spaces feel safe and welcoming. In a safe space, clients feel freer to express their feelings and are able to progress with understanding their trauma and healing.
The refreshed library and coding system enables HELP’s staff to easily access reading material and better track and search the reading collection.  Outdoor spaces were tidied up and new shelving was build in the garden shed which is used by staff to store equipment that does not fit in HELPs limited office space.  

“Thank you to the Sutherland Self-Help Trust for funding. We are so grateful for your support in helping to provide support services and a welcoming space for our staff, volunteers and survivors of sexual abuse in the community.”  HELP Auckland.

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