Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation

The funding was used for child and family sexual abuse therapy resources in central and North Auckland. 

The funding directly impacted 34 individual child survivors and 62 high priority families with sexually abused children. That is approximately 300-400 people who the Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation has been able to help and the Sutherland Self Help Trust funding has been able to strengthen that assistance. 

“Because we have hired more child therapists, we needed a new room, and the toys and the room have facilitated bringing on another child therapist because they have the equipment to work with children in a bright and exciting room that also has soundproofing. Also, the children have engaged with the toys when they have had them and the therapists have found the children much more engaged than before. Children much more upbeat and positive which is really hard to achieve in a therapy session, it is like Christmas for them. Therapists so happy to have the bright room and toys as it helps them to help the children.”

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