Kiwi Community Assistance

In 2020 the Sutherland Self Help Trust gave a grant to Kiwi Community Assistance for their commendable work and key role in providing Covid Relief in New Zealand, distributing food to people in need in the Greater Wellington Region via/through their food banks. 

On the 9th December 2020, we were able to speak with Tracy the CEO of KCA about how our funding impacted the community, who specifically benefited from the grant and learned more about the important needs KCA is addressing. 

KCA helps communities throughout Wellington by rescuing surplus food and household goods and redistributing it to frontline agencies working directly with people in need. KCA’s mission is as follows: “We are an independent group of like-minded people working together to reduce inequality in our community. We will do this by providing household goods, clothing and food for free to our charity partners”.

From the 1st of April 2020, KCA has assisted over 75000 people throughout Wellington and up until the 9th of December 2020, they had distributed 258.5 tonnes of food to different agencies around the Greater Wellington Region. The funding KCA received from the Sutherland Self Help Trust was used to build a chiller and freezer room which enabled more food to be rescued, stored and delivered to food banks this year. 

“KCA is very thankful for the support of the Sutherland Self Help Trust over the past 9 years and SSH actually helped us purchase our first chiller room 6 or 7 years ago” 

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