Spirit Of Adventure Trust

Spirit of Adventure Trust hosts youth development voyages on its ship, Spirit of New Zealand, with over 1200 rangatahi sailing every year.  

Once at sea, as well as learning sailing skills, rangatahi take part in many activities teaching them communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Support and guidance are given and their confidence, self efficacy and resilience grows – all of which are as important as ever in this Covid-19 world.  

Funding from the Sutherland Self Help Trust went towards a long awaited refit for the ship to ensure she remains seaworthy for the thousands of young people yet to sail over the coming months and years.  

The refit was not without challenges, Covid lockdowns held up progress and supply issues caused delays.  The team at the Shipyard worked tirelessly and did an amazing job to ensure she was back in the water after two months, ready for the next group of rangatahi waiting to set sail on a 10 day voyage. 

“It has been incredible to get the support from the Sutherland Self Help Trust.  Indirectly you have had a positive impact on hundreds of young people yet to sail over the coming months / years.”

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