StarJam’s Music and Performance Programs for Youth with Disabilities inspire young people (Jammers) to express themselves through music, dance, singing and performance.   

The Sutherland Self Help Trust was delighted to provide a grant to enable StarJam to host training summits for its expanding team of tutors and volunteers.  

StarJam’s programs include workshops, gigs and discos which are fun and exciting spaces for its community of 600+ Jammers to grow in confidence, discover musical and performance talents, and make lifelong friends.  

The training summits aimed to expand on attendees’ initial training, build confidence and enhance teamwork.  As StarJam’s programs welcome Jammers with all types of disabilities, the training summits provided a wide understanding of how to engage, ensuring the smooth and safe delivery of its programs.  

Learning from the training summits also benefits the Jammers by giving attendees deeper insights into their needs, and the extra resources required to address challenging behaviours and situations. These benefits extend to families and carers, performance audiences and people with disabilities from the wider community who are invited to StarJam’s quarterly disco nights.

Feedback from summit attendees included: 

“It was great sharing a day of fun and learning with like minded people, understanding the level of appreciation the parents have and the change it can make to their children’s lives , learning and discussing different approaches to hard situations”

“I really enjoyed the summit and you did a great job presenting/facilitating – can’t wait to try some new games and things with the Jammers!”

“The summit was fantastic -thanks! I found the talk given by Dr Melanie Woodfield on managing tricky behavioural issues especially helpful and inspiring.”

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