Taimahi Trust

Taimahi Trust is dedicated to enabling meaningful work for young adults with intellectual disabilities. This is achieved through building micro-enterprises that create long term employment opportunities, foster real-life work skills and enable independence.

The Sutherland Self Help Trust provided a grant to support Taimahi Trust’s Hothouse initiative that involves growing and harvesting organic vegetables in their hothouse.  The produce is delivered to local people in need, and will be used in other enterprises in the future to create more work experience and employment opportunities.

To support this enterprise, Taimahi Trust runs a horticulture training program teaching participants the skills required to grow and harvest the produce. Following completion, trainees are able to intern in the hothouse, and some will stay on as paid employees.  

So far, ten trainees have successfully completed the program, with another twenty trainees registered to participate in 2022.

Consistent feedback is that trainees are not only gaining through work experience, but also through a new sense of purpose and belonging.  This positive impact extends to the 100+ families who have enjoyed the organic vegetables already harvested.  

                   Funding from the Sutherland Self Help Trust was used to build a tearoom for the workers to take a well deserved break

“We really appreciate that Sutherland Trust saw the value in our project and were prepared to support it. This funding will have a direct impact that last for decades and will continue to change the lives of people with disabilities.”

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