Taranaki Retreat Trust

Taranaki Retreat is a community sanctuary and provides time-out space for families and individuals to stay free of charge, when times are tough. 

With support from the Sutherland Self Help Trust, Taranaki Retreat launched its Community Cafe – Waimanako – a ‘safe space’ equipped with a kitchen and cafe.  

Waimanako aims to address loneliness, isolation, whānau violence, and suicidal distress.  It supports hundreds of whānau by appointment and drop-in each week, and also tends to the needs of the homeless in the city – providing food, mental health and addictions support; and working with them, alongside other supports, towards goals of employment and housing.

Waimanako achieves this by providing; a drop-in community space where clinical and non-clinical services can collaborate; information (and onward referral as appropriate); supervised peer listening support; well-being services (through workshops such as “Wellness”, “Stress Busters”, “Dealing with Social Media”, “Grief and Loss”, “Recovery Support”, “Navigating Anxiety at the Coalface”, “Budget Management”, “Connection through Creativity”); an evening sober socialising space to support people abstaining; and Social connection.  The integrated cafe works on a ‘pay what you feel’ and ‘Listening Ears’ can be added to your coffee order.  Waimanako is open six days a week, through to 9pm.

“I walked in, pretty anxious, not knowing what to expect. I had a bloody good coffee and a massive omelette, and asked for someone to talk to – | was going through a messy relationship breakup.  We talked for about an hour and I left feeling so much better. I needed to get everything off my chest, and to have some tools to help me.”  Waimanako guest 

“The receipt of your funding was a complete GAME CHANGER. We will never be able to thank you enough. With your support, we were able to launch Waimanako, and it is an INCREDIBLE success.” – Taranaki Retreat Trust

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