Voices of Hope

The Sutherland Self Help Trust gave a grant to Voices Of Hope to fund the production of its “We Bounce Back” campaign.  

Voices of Hope’s mission “aims to create and implement change for mental health, whilst providing hope through the voices of those with lived experience”. Its “We Bounce Back” campaign is a six video series sharing eight peoples stories about their mental health, the impact of the pandemic, and how they got through.

The campaign was shared across the Voice of Hope’s online network and had over 167,000 digital impressions in its first few weeks.  It was also included in a digital resource kit sent to intermediate and high schools across New Zealand to allow the content to be utilised in the classroom. 

Positive feedback included; “refreshingly raw and honest”, “thank you for sharing and being that voice”, “so inspired and encouraged when hearing your story” and “I just love this – more awareness helps those who are struggling”.  
The digital resource kit also had a positive response, particularly as it was launched the day before the country went into lockdown, with one teacher sharing that it “will come in handy with enhancing student wellbeing”. 


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