Wings Trust

Wings Trust provides accommodation and rehabilitation for people wishing to be abstinent from substances and move from addiction to recovery.  

Wings Trust’s team of qualified counsellors run a structured program that helps its 45 clients prepare for intensive treatment and to integrate back into the community post treatment.  

Because Wings Trust’s clients live in-house while completing the program, its staff are on hand at all times, including during all Covid Alert levels. Lockdown periods created extreme pressures for staff including working long hours and being on call 24/7 during the last 8 weeks of COVID level 3 and 4.

To promote staff well-being through these challenging times, Wings Trust used funding from the Sutherland Self Help Trust to provide workshops for its staff to increase their resilience.  

The workshops taught coping skills and strategies to promote mental health and build resilience.  Staff also receive traditional Maori Healing practices which were once used with warriors to help them normalize post battle.

A highlight of the workshops included seeing staff leave the sessions rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to continue their work helping vulnerable clients overcome addiction. 

                                                      “Thank you Sutherland Trust for your support. Supporting us, so we may support others.

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