Grant Policy

2023 Funding Initiative

Funding Context

The Trustees of The Sutherland Self-Help Trust advise they will be funding large capital projects that will significantly impact their local communities. The Trust has invited organisations to apply and will not be seeking any further applications. 

For 2023 grants will be made by invitation to large capital projects that will significantly impact their local communities.  We are not seeking any funding applications in 2023.

Grant Policy

To make grants to charitable organisations which assist the disabled and the disadvantaged.

For the benefit of:

  • people whose lives have been detrimentally affected by war services,
  • children in need of special treatment or training,
  • the Plunket Society and any other educational, religious or other charitable purpose in New Zealand selected by the board
  • also to establish or maintain hospitals, homes, camps, schools, institutions or organisations, or to subsidise funds donated for such purpose
Hands coming together

Who do we support?

  • Registered charities in New Zealand who align with our annual funding criteria
  •  In 2021, we are assisting organisations in their COVID-19 response
  • Focusing on: strengthening the resilience of mental health and disability support

What do we fund?

  • A wide range of projects from buildings and equipment to training programs
  • The object or service purchased with the grant should last more than two years

What don't we fund?

  • Individuals (ie. not a registered charity)
  • For environmental, artistic, cultural or sporting purposes
  • Grants to schools for curriculum or operating expenses

What's the fine print?

  • Grant purposes vary considerably year-to-year, so the Board targets a particular area of need annually
  • Policy is announced in October for the following year

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