2005 | Building and Equipment Capital Projects

Aotearoa Marae

Replacement of old Wharenua


Camp Elsdon

Replace ablution block


Christ Church, Taita

Build a separate facility from church


Cholmondeley Childrens Home

Publish a book on their history


CCS NZ (Taranaki)

Installation of automatic doors for office


Life Education Trust

Establish web site


Life Flight Trust

Equipment for Air Rescue Service


Methodist Mission Auckland

New client ablution block


Nga Hau E Wha O Papa Ra Rangi Society

Build an ablution block in Marae centre


Seabrook Mckenzie

Installation of shelves & cupboards & landscaping plans


Te Omanga Hospice

Upstairs carpet


Thames Womens Centre

Overhead projector


The Millennium 21 Trust

Floor coverings, appliances, furniture & equipment


Victim Support

Interior refit-computer & phone lines


Wellington City Mission

Building alterations


Wellington Social Club for the Blind

70th Anniversary


Wellington Night Shelter

Alterations to existing building


Y.W.C.A. Hamilton

Replacement of the boiler


Total Grants Amount:$461,001