2013 | Prevention of Child Poverty

The Sutherland Self Help Trust Board advise that the 2013 grant funding will be made to community organisations that are working to address the prevention of childhood poverty in New Zealand.

Childhood poverty is associated with a range of serious and permanent detrimental health and social outcomes for children. Studies indicate children growing up in poverty tend to have poorer health in adulthood, gain fewer educational qualifications, experience higher rates of unemployment and get in trouble with the law. Yet the children are not responsible for the poverty in their life.

Autism NZ Inc$12,500
Kiwi Community Assistance$10,000
Vision West Community Trust$20,000
Life to the Max Trust$25,000
Foundation for Youth Development$30,000
Food for Life$35,000
Birthright NZ Inc$19,500
Te Aroha Noa Community Services$50,000
North Porirua Care Trust$25,000
Chatbus Trust$20,000
Child Cancer$25,000
Great Potentials Foundation$6,000
CCS Disability Action Northland$18,000
Mangere Budgeting Services Trust$20,000
Total Funded$413,000