2017 | Suicide Prevention & PTSD Sufferers

2017 grant funding was made to community organisations that assist people with post- traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD) and associated mental health problems. 

Surf Life Saving$3,000
Loss and Grief Centre$5,000
Korowai Well Being Trust$3,520
Christchurch Special Needs Library$10,000
Wellington Free Ambulance Service Inc$50,000
Birthright New Zealand Charitable Trust$45,000
Graeme Dingle Foundation$30,000
Philips Search and Rescue Trust$1,600
Auckland Returned and Services Association Inc$30,000
Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand$50,000
Taupo Family Centre Inc$8,000
Refugees as Survivors New Zealand.$50,000
Aviva Charitable Trust$50,000
Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand$50,000
Kapiti Youth Support One Stop Shop Trust$46,000
One Eighty Degrees Trust$25,000
The Grief Centre$25,000
Total Funded$532,120